On Friday while picking up your proposal summary letter I had the unique opportunity to meet Sara Hensley.

How did this happened:
After gettig your reponse from the recepionist I sat and read it in the lobby of your office. What impressed me was you and only you answered my proposal points. As you know looking at the Rec departments response they answer my proposal by giving me the current field policy booklet.

I wanted to relay back then to you and Rita this difference. It appears to get quality feedback you have to go to the very top of the decision chain (city manager).

When I asked for Rita, I was told she was not there. I decided then to go talk to the Mayor. Half way down the hall Rita appeared and invited me back. We went into a meeting room to discuss this quality observation. She then offered to have Sara come into the room.

Sara showed up for 5 minutes to discuss the proposal sticky points. She said she would have a meeting with me in her office in about 3 weeks.

Monday I received a call from Cindy to say that Sara would meet with me after Thanksgiving with 3 other staff persons.

Monday afternoon I got back to Cindy. I told her I would rather have a meeting with Sara alone and it would be more productive if we decided now the meeting topic and agenda. Back in 1999 I had great meetings with Mark Linder alone. We finally agreed on a relationship contract (see enclosure)

The major differences between my program and the Cities new field policy program whch serves a different type of customer (churches and corporations) is:
a. The type of player customer the program serves.
b. The way teams are make up and the time it takes a new player to get into the game
c. The organization's program mission

I know there is a way my program can continue serving beginner player customers who come because of reading press releasess or advertisments. If Sara would only personally like Mark did in 2000 OK the weeky payment plan and the other proposal points.

Just like you said in your letter about the use of non park BBQs. (See enclosure), Sara can also approve this payment plan for this unique learning program.

Please responed with a meeting date, topic and agenda points to discuss with Ms. Hensley.

Thank you,
Sparky Cohen